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Growing up Mossimo was one of my favorite brands. At some point they fell out of style with me, but in recent years I feel like Target and it's brands have really picked up nicely on what styles are trending and really trying to achieve that chic and expensive look for less. Less is always good. ;)
This light brown heel caught my eye immediately. I wasn't even in the store for shoes, but I just had to stop by and look at them! Had to! (okay, exaggerating a little. just a little though.).
I actually ended up going a half size bigger for these. My fat toes don't like pointed shoes apparently. The pain is so worth it...for me anyway.
You can go to Target's website to see Mossimo's collection or find this particular pair here
Happy Shopping.

Disclosure: All opinions expressed in this post are my own and not those of Target or Mossimo. This was not a paid partnership.

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