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I'm a sucker for old hardbound books. This coming from the "anti-reader". It is true that I blossomed way later in life when it came to reading. Maybe due to my A.D.D. I was always jealous of readers (including my mother who loved reading), but couldn't seem to focus long enough to get into anything. Today, I usually read articles or blogs and find that informational reading suites me best, but non-the-less I'm a sucker for a good book.

Fast forward to my late 20's and my husband bought me Frankenstein, and I reluctantly read it. By the end of the book I was in tears and it had become my very favorite book. It really gave my love for reading the jump start it needed.

I felt like I had so much reading to catch up on. I wanted to start with the classics and Penguin Classics collection was the perfect start. 

This little guy totally photo bombed my picture, so I took advantage for a good close up. 

As for Les Mise´ables, I've seen the musical (not a fan...of musicals in general) and the non-musical version (which I loved). I'm excited to read the book, though. Hopefully, it's just as captivating.

Overall I'm in love with the Penguin Classics. I love the idea of an old hardbound cloth book. Such a rarity to find this style around and not in antique shops (which I'd totally buy). I'm waiting for them to come out with 'The Catcher in the Rye'. My second favorite. I'm sure my readers have read so many more good books then I, but, again, I'm a late bloomer. Overall, I'm anxiously collecting them all, one-by-one.

and here's a 'leftovers' pic of my props. the lighting was pure magic that day...

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