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We are so so close to being done with this HUGE portion of the house. I've been able to pull all my pretty things out of boxes and give them a home. Some of this stuff I had gotten when I first started working at my job (3 1/2 years ago!). I can't stress enough the importance of having that "homey" feeling and not feeling like you're in a state of stillness. For me, progress in any aspect of life is important and I get really stressed out when I feel like that's not happening. It's nice to see things moving at a faster pace. A relief really.

For now I'm only going to tease you with a glimps into what it's looking like. Once we paint the window seals, get molding done & put curtains up I'll show the whole of it all.

Oh, and a delightful surprise is that I bought these ceramic letter balls nearly 3 & 1/2 years ago at Pier 1 for the clearance price of .48 cents and we just got them back in store last week! Which means I can fill up if I need to. 

I should also mention that I decided to go bigger, again, with my photos. Who doesn't like bigger?!

( Posted on Simple Remains first. These thoughts are my own and not those of Pier 1 or Pier 1 Imports. )

Chair / Table / Jug / Capiz Stem

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