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If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you have noticed that I wear a lot of stripes. Stripes, blacks, whites & blues are a staple in my closet. These are definitely my go to's and you won't see much color other then that. Which makes me think that I was born to live in New York (but, really!). I've determined that I now have enough of the aforementioned, & dresses/onsies, to now color code my closet. 

I posted some terrible snapshots I took in the dressing room to my facebook. I was surpised to here that my friends were having a hard time finding a cute dress and here I am bagging them like they're going out of style. I usually don't venture out into dresses because I spent so many years chasing after toddlers, so I avoided them. Now with my weight loss (new found confidence) and those toddlers that grew into small self-reliant kids I can now start wearing them again. 

I found all of the above at Marshall's with a really good price point for any working/non-working mama on a budget, or anyone in general. =)

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