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Well, this was supposed to be a post about weight loss and how overjoyed I am that I finally fit into a size 5 jeans that I bought over 5 years ago, but as being a lonely photographer who doesn't have the money, nor the spare friend, to hire as a back-up shooter I was left to tackle this quest on my own. So, it turned into I-love-these-shoes-so-much-they're-taking-the-spot-light, for now, post. 

I've been wanting this style of heel for a LONG time. Madewell had a pair, but they were just too far out of my budget. When I found these at Dillard's my knees nearly gave out on me. I immediately tried them on and immediately checked out after. They are the perfect classic black heel perfect for lunch or dinner dates. Pair with a black dress or jeans and you won't go wrong. 

And as far as my weight loss. I lost a whopping 4 pounds while in Europe, but I'm struggling to keep it off as I was super hungry when I got back. I'm hoping that now that school is in I can get into a better routine of things so I can continue to fit into more of my dusty pants. Fingers crossed!

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