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I have had a lot of my friends approach me about how to go about planning a trip to Europe, so I thought through a series of posts I could share a little bit of what went into how and what we were doing...

Going to Paris, the Louvre is one of the things listed on my top 5 things to do while there. I feel it's contents within are so important to history that I could never imagine going to Paris for the first time and not seeing it. -And as a photographer I couldn't imagine not getting photos of it, which was a bucket list must.- Sadly, it got pushed to the bottom of the list.

Because of that, the day we went we already had plans on leaving for England in which we had to plan enough time to leave and catch a train by 12:30ish. So, the night before we decided to get up ass early (6:00a.m., which is ass early for me) and high-tail it to the Louvre to get some early morning shots (purely selfish on my end) and get in line for the opening at 9:00a.m. By the time we got there a few people had already started waiting, so we had one member of our party wait in line while I got my shots. In other words, get there early

If you want to help yourself get some much needed rest I would advise you to head over to the Louvre website here and buy your tickets in advance. We didn't know that until we saw a much (much) shorter line opposite of us that got to head in first. The website also has a "plan your visit" tab which I'm sure is really helpful, although I wouldn't know since we do EVERYTHING the hard way. >.< 
(pure laziness folks)

My last tidbit is that if you are going to have to wait in the early a.m. then make sure to dress warm. I was born and raised (and still residing) in good ole' West Texas where the month of July stays 100 degrees daily, so our bodies were shocked by the 50 degree weather (and again, didn't prepare for that). Below my little bug curls up, as I take a few shots, for a little warmth in between our walking.

We only got about an hour in of seeing some of the most beautiful and historic paintings, sculptures and artifacts before we were, literally, running out through a mass of thousands to try and catch the underground to the hotel in time to check out and get to the train station to catch our train on time. Don't do that. Seriously, don't do that. Instead, plan an entire day just to visit. Take a good long stroll in the park after hitting up the museum in the morning and plan a picnic. I only wish I got to see more of the inside as well as the outside. I think this one shall remain on my bucket list until I take it in-in it's entirety.

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