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Happened upon these green apples when walking from, through & to my sister's flat. I know I mention this often, but living on the edge of a dessert leaves us dry and hoping on a prayer that we'll get anything to grow at all. My rose bushes dried up and my husband's crops died while we were on this trip. Rain is something you can't rely on here and we are always under water restrictions year round. It can get depressing, really. We're stronger for it, though.

Norwich is one of my favorite places for day dreaming of living in a perfect family oriented community with endless amounts of things to see and do. Add beautiful trees, including this green apple tree, and countless gardens doned with one of my favorite flowers, the Hydrangea bush, and you have a match made in heaven. What a beautiful life. It was wonderful feeling like a local for the few days we were there. A beautiful life indeed to live here. (:

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