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When Mandy contacted me to do some family photos I was initially super excited. We've worked together on family and modeling shoots before, non of them disappointed, even if the circumstances weren't ideal. Case-in-point, trying to schedule this shoot. Every weekend that we'd try to get together the weather would turn sour on us. West Texas is so unpredictable from day to day; sweater-weather in the mornings followed by bikini-weather in the afternoons, planning anything can be tricky. My initial excitement turned to disappointment time and time again. So when the day came that the forecast projected good weather we crossed our fingers and hoped things were finally going to go our way.

The wait was worth it. The weather was beautiful.

So, we met up at Sulfur Creek Draw. A little grassy area, beautifully situated along the most gorgeous of houses within the affluent neighborhood of Santa Rita. You really can't go wrong here. Despite the trees having shed all their leaves, it still made for the most gorgeous of backdrops. It doesn't hurt that Mandy and her family are just as gorgeous, which will take your mind and your eyes right off of those bare trees. This family really makes my job easy. I mean, look at those smiles!!! Naturals, I tell ya.

I decided to only share this one special moment from the shoot (for now). It's by far my favorite. This blanket really creates magic. I've never been disappointed with it. Overall, the shoot was a success. Couldn't have asked for a better day or better clients.

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