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Throw in some Otomi fabric and a little green for contrast and you get this beautiful marriage of color and texture. A wonderful way to spice up any table setting, whether planning to eat or not. 

I just love this color. I can't remember who I bought this Otomi runner from, but you can find one for a pretty good price (better than I paid) via Casa Otomi's Etsy shop

 If you're wondering why they are so expensive then let me share a little tid bit of information. If you get a genuine Otomi fabric piece then you are buying fabric handmade by the Otomi Women from the Tenango Valley of Hidalgo, Mexico. (I only wish I had known that when we passed through Hidalgo a few years back) You are supporting a culture and a way of life. You're money is well spent and the price is worth it. I would love to invest in a Otomi coverlet, one day. Until then I'll enjoy my table runner for a lifetime to come.

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