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 To continue with my series and set the mood, for what is surely to be an early spring, I put together a few of my favorite nautical inspired things. 

I've continued going through all the stuff that was stored away during the renovation (broken record, I know!) process and some of this stuff I'm so happy to see again. I had my rock collection in bags, but are now on display. (yes, you are never too old for a rock collection) I've also been able to get some art and decor pieces out.  It's been a relief and a burden, but it has set me straight in so many ways that I couldn't even begin to tell you.

Now, I'm ready for spring and summer and lots of travels!

[ Photo: "Resolute" by Edwin Levick , Vase: H&M, Not Avail , Coral: Target, Not Avail ]

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