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This little gem caught my eye while shopping at Marshall's one day. At the time, I wasn't in the market for a new bag, or backpack, but my spine quickly thanked my brain for realizing that this was the perfect solution to a travel camera bag that I didn't (at the time) even realize I needed. 


 While away on a two week trip to Europe I felt the immense strain I had put on my back. Everyday, several times a day, we would go up and down stairs to get to and from the subway, luggage in toe. Then we'd have to make the long trek to whatever destination (i.e. hotel, museum, ect) we were going to. During the trip the pain in my back got so intense that I cried everyday for the remainder of said trip. It wasn't until a few months after that I finally dragged myself to the doctor, tears and all, begging for a MRI. It confirmed I not only had a herniated disc, but was suffering from disc degenerative disease. 

In other words, this bag was a heaven sent.

So far I took this baby to Monahan's Sandhills (see previous post here) and it was so much easier to carry around with me verses something over-the-shoulder. It brings balance to my back and keeps all my gear snug; as it's a good stiff bag. It has several pockets for all my small items like my lens cloth, extra memory cards and even pockets big enough to fit a few lenses so they aren't rolling around. It's extra nice that I could also throw in my everyday essentials so I only have to carry this one bag with me instead of a purse plus camera bag. It's extremely versatile, which is extremely important to me. And if that doesn't do it, just the beauty of it alone is sure to make one fall in love. It's a beautifully crafted piece in addition to it's functionality. I'll be keeping this bag until I wear into the ground for sure!

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