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It's a weird combination to write about, but I'm currently swooning over both...

I picked up these Steve Madden sandals at Marhall's pretty much as soon as sandals hit department store shelves. Since my very favorite pair from last summer finally broke on me after, 1 billion wears (not exageratting :P ), I have been hard up for some new favorite sandals to abuse. Que-in these...

I will surely get a great deal of use out of these. I've really graduated away from the flip flop. I'm very OCD with my foot care and keeping my feet clean. Flip flops are my worst nightmare, so I've really started to invest more in buying a good sandal. I ended up getting these in a light brown shade as well. I wear so much black, everything, that some lighter neutrals were necessary in helping this modern-traditionalist survive in the boho chic wild west. I've been called both goth and dark poet by others for my general love and use of black, although I'd say I'm neither. So, white and light brown seemed like a lovely choice. Plus, their gorgeous!


I have been dreaming of owning this rug since the day Pier 1 put it on their site. 
[Side note: I've been paying on any debt so that I can save up for my dream camera, so I knew that I wasn't going to be able to afford this rug anytime soon. After going through a lot of my clutter I had a few things I could return/exchange in order to get my rug. Luckily, it was on sale too!!]
 Hand woven and made of Vicose, this rug couldn't get any softer or dreamier.  And that color!! *swoon* 

I do have a confession, however. I'm realizing now that the 5x8 size is just too small for my room. I'd love to wake up and when my feet hit the floor it's hitting the floor onto this soft dreamy fabric. Having wood floors, I sure do miss that one thing. So, I think I'll be up-sizing to an 8x10.

You can find the Luxe rug HERE. It comes in 10 different color choices and believe me when I say, it's money well spent! 

Please note that the opinions expressed in this blog are my own and not that of Marshall's or Pier 1 Imports.

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