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Let's talk art, shall we?! 

As I get older my taste for art has become a little more refined. I've tossed any prints or reproductions as I'm starting my collection of original art.

This particular piece I found via Etsy.  It's a vintage 1970's unsigned line drawing. I was a bit disappointed that the artist was unknown, but I loved it so much I wanted to make sure it had a proper home. I'm hoping one day I can track the artist down.

To be honest, and a question that I'm sure is burning in all of your minds, I wasn't sure how "appropriate" this would be to have hung around my kids. After visiting Europe, though, I realized how close-minded we as Americans are (or can be). I think the body is a beautiful thing, no matter the shape or size. I want my girls to grow up celebrating that fact and loving bodies for the natural qualities they hold. We shouldn't be ashamed by nudity, if done in an artistic beautiful way: in fashion, art or the like. I have a profound affinity for nude art. I have more nude art I plan on framing. Which I'll save for a future post.

I framed this piece myself. I had my own original painting I had done some years ago in this frame, but really needed this piece hung. Out with the old, which I'm grateful for friends who value my own work and decided to take it. Since the drawing didn't fit the frame I used black velvet for the back & clear adhesive picture corners to hold it onto the velvet as to not damage the art itself. It turned out much lovelier than I had hoped.   

Since it has a lot of nudity, and not to embarrass my kids when friends come over, I think this piece will be hung in my bedroom, for now. ;)

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