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So, I really didn't want to get into the chunky heel fad. I feel like it was something that was around in the 90's, but left for a reason. I've seen Alice Gao rock the chunky heel (as seen in this post...err, had to go back a ways) and she pulls it off like a boss, but I felt like I'd be somewhat of a mess if I tried. Then, I came across these beautifies from Chinese Laundry & my jaw dropped and I said, "Damnit, okay I'm sold". 

In addition to this beautiful chunky-heel is my new wing coat. I realize it's close to summer, but this beauty (gifted to me by my sister-in-law at Christmas) is just perfect for those cool mornings when it's not quite cold enough for a jacket, but not warm enough for a bikini =P . Anyhow, I've wanted to post about it for a while, so I took the opportunity. I'll probably bring this baby along with me to the movies instead of a sweater.

And so here I am, buckling under the pressures of fashion. I regret nothing. -__-

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