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Before I get into this new beauty, I have a confession to make...I already have a beautiful coffee table. I know, I know, I bought the previous table at an outlet store, so it was get it or it's gone type of deals. Then when I got into the space I realized how HUGE it really was and how it obviously wouldn't work. Buuuuttt, I love it too much to part with it, so it's now in storage. =P

Back to the West Elm box frame table...

Because of my space & being so limited I had to find something with a small width size. When I saw the box frame coffee table from West Elm I knew it was right for me. It was nice that West Elm provides you with a few options in sizes, so I chose the skinniest one. I couldn't be happier with it!

I had to pack it back up as we had to move 90% of the office/guest room so that my eldest daughter can get a bit closer to turning it into her room. My office knook is next on the list for completion (which is stationed in the living room), so once I can comfortably get my rug down without the worry of stains, paint or mishaps this baby will get to come out again. Until then I'll stare at these photos and daydream. =)

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