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 I'm ALIVE!! June was tough month for me, so I was creatively absent and July has just been busy. I'm posting while feverish, so excuse my lack of eloquence in writing. Most of it will be simply put, but this is a photography blog after all, so writing will definitely be secondary this go around.


We had a very poorly planned day in Ciudad Acuña, or just Acuña for us Texans, last Saturday. What started out as an idea for some unplanned future date turned into, "let's go this weekend". My husband and I are horrible planners, so we did nothing in the way of actually pre-location scouting for restaurants, shops or the like. We literally packed in the car and drove Del Rio, that is. We parked and then walked the long walk over that LONG ASS bridge to near 100 degree weather (with a fever I didn't realize I had), because we're smart like that. Here's a few shots I got of not only Acuña, but of the of the goodies we came home with.

Numero uno on the list of 'must-gets' was a sombrero for my husband and that's just what we did. We even got a little one for Gigi, which we only tried torturing her a few times to get it on (for all of 2 seconds). I was really excited about the blanket I chose. I've passed up many Mexican blankets because I couldn't find a color variation that I really liked. When I saw this one I knew it was the one. The owner of the shop even tried to convince me of other ones, but my mind was set. All-in-all our shopping, though short-lived, was a really pleasant experience, but next time I will be making sure I find some local artists/artisans for some unique buys.

Until next time Mexico, and there will be a next time!

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