Aug 13, 2016
I didn't intend to have back-to-back floral posts, but here we are. Not much else has been going on with me since I've been less than mobile (hurt knee), so getting up to photograph much of anything these past few weeks has been too daunting of a task and one I haven't cared much to do.

However, I'm blessed to have friends that think of me when they're out and about. Case-in-point, a friend happened to see these stunning flowers at Market Street, took a photo and sent it to me. I was so happy she did. I haven't seen these flowers before and gasped at how gorgeous they were. How have I not known about these?!! 

The next morning I headed strait to Market Street. I was surprised to see how small they really were and how short the stem was and the price for these little babies was steep, so I only got one bushel (although, I really wish I had gotten 2 bushels. again, that price o.O). They sure didn't disappoint, though.

In the end, I'm grateful for thoughtful friends and beautiful flowers. Life would certainly be a little less sweet without either. =)
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