Jan 13, 2017
I met Johnny at my part-time job where I sell home decor. The more he came in, the more we got to talking. He's such a lively character, one with a lot of happiness and positivity. and you can't help but feel happy when in his company. We eventually added one another on Facebook where he found out I was a photographer and I found out he was an actor. I'd call that an ideal friendship, yeah?! He needed some new head shots, both for his website (here) and casting calls.  We had a lot of weather delays for nearly a month, but patience paid off and the day couldn't have been any nicer.


Before heading out to shoot, he took me on a tour of his historic home (well, not the one in these photos, haha). It is, however, a two story Victorian-style home with some rich history. Built by a local doctor who would see patients in part of the first floor -awesomely creeptastic, haha -this corner two story is one I've always wondered about. I drive by the house everyday, living in the neighborhood and just a few streets away, to take my daughter to and from school, so it was an extreme delight to get the full tour. He is currently renovating it and restoring it's beauty after years of neglect. It makes me happy to see such good people living and taking care of it after so many years.

Simply put, sometimes everything falls into place just perfectly; the light, the contrast, the depth- all of it. This is when you get to really focus on the art of it all. If you have some of these things perfectly aligned the only thing you have to worry about is how to conceptualize the thought you have in your head, that is creative freedom and this is what I live for.

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