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I've been wanting to share a sneak peak of my small art collection. It's slowly been growing over this past year, and while not all are show here, it gives you a little idea of what direction my taste in art has been going.  Since taking the giant leap from buying prints to owning my first ever early 1900's french oil painting to buying original reproductions and drawings, my taste is slowly being more and more refined. I've become very picky in what I buy, but when I find something that lingers on days after my initial look-see, I know I've found something special- something I feel I couldn't live without, and that's when I know.

I've managed to find quite a few amazing artist via Etsy. If not vintage drawings/paintings then originals from artists all over the globe.  

The Picasso of Francoise Gilot is a reproduction 'in the likeness of' the artist's previous work. I would have loved to know the artists name, but unfortunately it wasn't available. I don't mind one bit that's it's a reproduction because it's amazing to me that any artist could be talented enough to replicate it, almost perfectly, in the first place. It's a home run for me, really...and at a very tiny fraction of the cost to the real deal.

The one located just above, named 'ELLE' , is by a Canadian born artist who has retina-detachment, so as you can imagine this piece is >and artist< is really amazing. I think it's probably one of my very favorites. I actually have my eye on another piece by this artist that is in the 'likeness of" Picasso, although not labeled as so, still a  really superb piece that resembles his work.

The last work featured of a striking gentlemen is also photographed below. I found a frame for this one after I shot these photos and had to go add it since I loved the frame. I bought this one, and the profile of the girl below, from a women born in Poland and residing in Germany. She has a slew of work in her Etsy shop and I swear I could buy half of them, she is so incredibly talented. The male I bought because it reminded me of my husband, specifically a picture we took together when we were first dating (11 years ago!). 

Let's talk about framing...

I'm definitely picky with my frames. I can't just grab a frame simply because it's the right dimensions for the piece. I think every art piece looks good in a certain frame...and color of frame and matte, for-that-matter.  And I can't say some of the photos framed above will stay in those frames. It's all personal choice, really, but I'd suggest never to buy a frame if it takes away from the picture itself. I have a few pieces unframed, as shown below, because some need a custom frame made-  or I haven't found 'the one'. I refuse to buy a frame and not showcase, even the size of the paper, the entirety of the piece. The surrounding paper deserves to give the art itself perspective.

I'm hoping that once I get all my work up, the house gets to a more completed state than what it's at now, that I can show you the rest of my art in a more completed state. Until that time, consider me hooked on original art with my eyes peeled for new works. If you have any suggestion based off my what you see above feel free to share, always looking for new art/artist.

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