Sep 9, 2017

Upon arriving to South Padre Island, day one of our visit to see my aunt, it didn't take long for us before we headed back onto the main land, Corpus Christi (or just Corpus for us regulars), to check out the boardwalk and part of downtown. A lot has changed since the last time I was there- 2 years ago. They have closed off traffic along the last part of Ocean Drive and turned it into an open walkway. It definitely seems to be more tourist driven with some of their updates which I think was long overdue and much needed.

Although it was short lived we ended up having a nice walk along the boardwalk and through downtown. Seeing the updates and just enjoying the air was a smooth transition into being in town.

Although not pictured, we ran into an art festival in the heart of downtown. Live bands, artists, painted dogs and the like were a welcoming introduction into our much needed vacation.

There's something magical about that salty air, the seagull's calling as you hear waves crash in the distance. There's a reason people sell this sound via relaxation tapes. :P 


As many of you know Hurricane Harvey devastated the area in and around Corpus Christi. I encourage anyone wanting to help to donate whatever you can, small or large, to an organization of your choosing. Please choose one that helps both far and wide as many more will be devastated by Irma. It's time to come together and unite as one world.

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