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Here I am with a new name again. I'm sure by this time everyone has lost all interest in trying to keep up. I almost had, too. For months, before bringing my blog back, I racked my brain trying to come up with a blog name that encompassed all the things I love; visually and emotionally. I came up with so many name variations, and sat on them, until they would lose their luster within in a few days (sometimes immediately). So, I finally just used my name as a stand-in. I knew that was temporary as one day I would be bringing my website back and felt that it would be too much to have my name used for both. So here we are. Simple Remains spoke to me (obviously). It molds together all the those feelings and thoughts. It's simple and speaks to what I love visually, photography. Photography, to me, is capturing the remains of what was. Thus the marrying of two perfect words describing all those things that I hoped it would. 

And, in addition to a new forever name, I have decided to use larger photos. As a photographer, I love seeing all the details up close. I hope you do, too, even if you aren't a photographer. I got these Tulips from my hubby on Mother's Day. I loved them so so much!

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