Saturday, June 09, 2018


I'm not one to be an expert on how to throw some big bash, nor am I one that is schooled on the art of entertaining guests. It's an area of life that I'm fascinated with for the very reason that I don't know what I'm doing. 

Below I set up a mock situation, a practice of sorts, and I'm realizing how I still don't have it down (sigh*)- where are the utensils? Urrrr...the cups? Obviously, there's always room for improvement.

My husband and I have been talking about having guests over now that the house is more complete. Game night, dinner, party, dinner party...all options. I think the idea is still intimidating for the both of us. Least to say, I definitely need to invest in a bigger table if I'm to follow through.

Can we talk about the flowers for a second? In any entertaining situation, to me, it's ever so important to incorporate a beautiful arrangement for your centerpiece. I created this myself, but obviously for the less skilled any florist can create one for you. I used the odds and ends of the greenery for extra vases around the house. Flowers definitely bring the life to any party as well as a focal/conversation piece for others to "oooh" and "awww" at. 

I've also thought that having a place for some fun photo ops is necessary- I mean it's not, but it is. It breaks up the guests so they can all do something fun and you don't have to worry so much about making everyone a priority all at once. In fact, having a photo booth (of sorts) is probably my favorite idea I'd like to try at my party. 

To be determined if I actually get around to throwing a party. If I do there will be photos for proof, I promise; and fingers crossed I don't leave out the silverware or glasses (again, sigh*).



Sunday, April 29, 2018


Couldn't resist a chance to shoot some tulips. So simple and elegant...

Friday, April 06, 2018


It's officially Spring and you better believe I took advantage to capture some spring blooms. The Viburnum bush belongs to my neighbor, but borders our yard. It is a beautiful annual bush, but it's at it's most beautiful when it blooms. 

I decided to go for a darker mood this go around. Mainly because the first photo I took was on a darker setting and I can't say that I minded...obviously. =P

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


(written summer of 2017)

Having your own chickens can sometimes feel like a daunting idea. Especially if it's outside of your comfort zone of cats and know, normal pets; or maybe the fact that you live within the city. When my husband talked about the idea of having chickens it always seemed like a far away idea -"yeah, okay hunny, sounds good...pfft". Until one day he took the plunge and bought 6 chickens. A daunting idea quickly turned into anxiety- "Oh my god, these are lives I have to keep up with", along with the additional thoughts, being the mother I am, of, "Oh my god, how will the kids feel if one dies". It can all be overwhelming until several weeks go by and you realize their not randomly dying and, for the most part, super easy to care for. And then one day, some months down the road, they start producing eggs.

The first egg just so happened to come on my youngest daughter's 9th birthday. Bernice, the one who has always taken the lead as mother bird in the group, was naturally the first to lay, shortly followed by Metilda. The two have produced egg's for a month now- daily.  

And then Cleo laid her first egg just days ago. Cleo is the runt of the group, closer in size to a wild chicken, or a pigeon. She's small but she is mighty & can definitely hold her own. Her egg's just slightly smaller than the others and as cute as one would expect. We now only have two birds left that we are waiting on to produce, but I have a feeling that we won't have to wait too long.

The plus side to it all?
Having cruelty and cage free eggs. Our chickens get to roam the yard as they please, often jumping the fence to visit the neighbors (lucky for awesome & equally accepting neighbors), while also getting their fair share of fruits and veggies for snacks. And so long as you don't have a rooster, which we no longer do-that sixth "chicken" ;) , the eggs never get fertilized (thus, no possibilities of chicks forming- if your concerned about that). Lastly, we no longer have to pay for eggs that say cage free, but might not actually be cage free. It's worry free eating now...and just free, sorta

Overall, as much stress as I put into the thought of having chickens and the amount of work it actually does take (because let's face it, every living thing is work) I would do it all over again. And if you're looking to heal your conscience, but can't cut the meat, try your hand at raising egg chickens. You'd be surprised at just how much fun it is and how much you're creating a better cruelty free environment.

Saturday, September 09, 2017


Upon arriving to South Padre Island, day one of our visit to see my aunt, it didn't take long for us before we headed back onto the main land, Corpus Christi (or just Corpus for us regulars), to check out the boardwalk and part of downtown. A lot has changed since the last time I was there- 2 years ago. They have closed off traffic along the last part of Ocean Drive and turned it into an open walkway. It definitely seems to be more tourist driven with some of their updates which I think was long overdue and much needed.

Although it was short lived we ended up having a nice walk along the boardwalk and through downtown. Seeing the updates and just enjoying the air was a smooth transition into being in town.

Although not pictured, we ran into an art festival in the heart of downtown. Live bands, artists, painted dogs and the like were a welcoming introduction into our much needed vacation.

There's something magical about that salty air, the seagull's calling as you hear waves crash in the distance. There's a reason people sell this sound via relaxation tapes. :P 


As many of you know Hurricane Harvey devastated the area in and around Corpus Christi. I encourage anyone wanting to help to donate whatever you can, small or large, to an organization of your choosing. Please choose one that helps both far and wide as many more will be devastated by Irma. It's time to come together and unite as one world.


Thursday, July 20, 2017


 It's been far too long since I posted here. It's also been far too long since I've had the opportunity to do some selfish photography...i.e. unpaid work.  It was a hectic, busy and overwhelming six months. Here I am back at blogging, a favorite past-time, photo stills from the Peonies I recently got. Blessed to have friends that text me from stores to tell me when they find some photo worthy flowers. This was a really quick set-up in some spare time to get my creative juices flowing once again. I didn't want these beauties to go to waste, although just having them in my general area of view comforts me greatly.

Hopefully it won't be another 6 months before my next post and maybe I'll have more to say, but until then I'm looking forward to a more still life...

Friday, January 13, 2017


I met Johnny at my part-time job where I sell home decor. The more he came in, the more we got to talking. He's such a lively character, one with a lot of happiness and positivity. and you can't help but feel happy when in his company. We eventually added one another on Facebook where he found out I was a photographer and I found out he was an actor. I'd call that an ideal friendship, yeah?! He needed some new head shots, both for his website (here) and casting calls.  We had a lot of weather delays for nearly a month, but patience paid off and the day couldn't have been any nicer.


Before heading out to shoot, he took me on a tour of his historic home (well, not the one in these photos, haha). It is, however, a two story Victorian-style home with some rich history. Built by a local doctor who would see patients in part of the first floor -awesomely creeptastic, haha -this corner two story is one I've always wondered about. I drive by the house everyday, living in the neighborhood and just a few streets away, to take my daughter to and from school, so it was an extreme delight to get the full tour. He is currently renovating it and restoring it's beauty after years of neglect. It makes me happy to see such good people living and taking care of it after so many years.

Simply put, sometimes everything falls into place just perfectly; the light, the contrast, the depth- all of it. This is when you get to really focus on the art of it all. If you have some of these things perfectly aligned the only thing you have to worry about is how to conceptualize the thought you have in your head, that is creative freedom and this is what I live for.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016


The day that I received this book happened to fall on a really tough day for Texas, the world, as it was the morning after the sniper attacks on Dallas police officers. One of many tragic days in 2016 alone. Initially, after getting the book, I was going to touch on that topic since some of the photos within are of really historic, not-to-mention tragic, events in our history- like the New York's Twin Towers attack. After flipping through it's pages and reading the collector's notes, ect., it felt more appropriate to stay true to the book and to William M. Hunt's collection.

Diving into the book takes you through this really morbid yet freeing experience. In every photo the eyes are obscured, closed or otherwise 'unseen'. Each of the pictures drawing different emotions from you. Each of the pictures telling it's own story yet leaving you asking so many questions.

I included only a few shots of what you can find in this beautiful collection along with my own interpretation of the book through self-portraits.

Sometimes, I tend to get so excited to create a post that I miss out on the point of it all and this time I wanted to make sure that I took the time to really focus directly on that point; the unseen eye. It was a perfect assignment for me, after all. For those who know me, and know me well, know that half the  self-portraits (selfies) I take are really just 'halfies'. Anywhere from Instagram to Facebook, it's rare to see a whole shot of my face. For me, it's more about me appreciating the parts of my face rather than my face as a whole. Which makes this book, and post, a perfect assignment. I could dive in already grasping what the concept means to me; expressing ourselves in a minimal way with great emphasis on only our parts and how powerful those parts can be when shown individually.

I wanted to photograph the book without the dust jacket because that color of green is by far one of my favorite colors. Without the dust jacket, it's simplicity is something to be admired. On the left is without the dust jacket (obviously) and to the right is the dust jacket cover photo within the book itself. Both make for the most gorgeous of covers.

I highly recommend this book to any lover of photography, especially those who have a more morbid curiosity. You can get your own copy here.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


I didn't intend to have back-to-back floral posts, but here we are. Not much else has been going on with me since I've been less than mobile (hurt knee), so getting up to photograph much of anything these past few weeks has been too daunting of a task and one I haven't cared much to do.

However, I'm blessed to have friends that think of me when they're out and about. Case-in-point, a friend happened to see these stunning flowers at Market Street, took a photo and sent it to me. I was so happy she did. I haven't seen these flowers before and gasped at how gorgeous they were. How have I not known about these?!! 

The next morning I headed strait to Market Street. I was surprised to see how small they really were and how short the stem was and the price for these little babies was steep, so I only got one bushel (although, I really wish I had gotten 2 bushels. again, that price o.O). They sure didn't disappoint, though.

In the end, I'm grateful for thoughtful friends and beautiful flowers. Life would certainly be a little less sweet without either. =)

Friday, July 22, 2016


This morning I woke up and thought to myself, "I need flowers in my life right now!". They always seem to cheer me up when I'm in a funk, or sick. So I got up early, on my day off/still sick, and headed to HEB (our local grocers) to check their selection. These lilies instantly caught my eyes. Like, "Why hello there pretty". They really are striking.