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I must say, I have a liking for odd shoes, and just a shoes lover in general. I've been this way since I was a tot. My earliest memory being very young and having some kid at daycare throw my shoe over the fence and into a field. I remember that I loved those shoes and when we couldn't find it I was heartbroken.

In Elementary (the Austin years) I remember wanting these black pair of ankle boots with pointed toes and my mother was like, "Are you sure those are the ones you want?!".  Needless to say we left the store with them. They were a big enough hit with friends that I traded them for a day with a one of those friends (hers being black ballet flats). I ended up breaking the bow off the front of the flats, so she wanted to keep mine. I don't remember if I ever got them back, or how that ended, but I'll never forget those shoes.

It's funny to think that ankle boots and ballet flats are a staple in today's fashion world. In the late 80's, early 90's, they weren't. I was definitely one of only a few willing to pave a path for them. In fact, I feel like when I'm just a little outside of my comfort zone those are the shoes I love the most.

When I first saw these Franco Sarto wedges at Marshall's (yes, Marshall's again) I almost passed them up. They were a half size bigger then what I usually wear, so I could have easily passed them by. There was something a little odd, or again, out of my comfort zone, so I tried them on. I immediately fell in love. They weren't too big and the wedge height was perfect. I usually like a higher heel/wedge, but I have to say this was comfortable.

This might be the perfect shoe for Europe. Something that doesn't look so touristy, but will be comfortable enough to walk around in.

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