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I spent hours upon hours searching for hotels, hostels, air bnb's, apartment rentals for all the locations we were going to need a place to stay. I was trying to find something cheap since we had 5 total in our party, which made things so much harder, and in the end we just couldn't find a cost effective solution that didn't require us sleeping in a bed-bug ridden hotel (dramatic, but really). Mind you we were traveling during summer's "peak season".

When I came across Best Western's Diva Opera House I was actually quite taken back by the photos on the website. Best Western? I almost couldn't believe it. The place was gorgeous, so I booked immediately. After our loooooooooonnnnnngggg journey, and not-so-great sleeping situations up to that point, this was luxury at it's finest (for us, not millionaires). The view was exactly what I was looking for. (I know another building. But seriously, I planned it that way!)

Here's the gist of tips I have to give

Make sure that whatever hotel you book is close to the underground chunnel system. It takes you everywhere you need to go. Buy a pass that will get you through the week so you don't have to keep going to pay stations to fill up. 
Book within the city center and close to an underground entrance to make your life less miserable. Whatever you bring with you daily make sure that it's light. I have major back issues and I carried one too many cameras with me each day. I was literally in tears by the end of the day
Also, make sure you pack light. I thought I would bring several low-to-the-ground wedge heels, but settled for white sneakers the whole trip. You will be doing a lot of walking and fashion just can't keep up with that (que-in: "ain't nobody got time for that shit"). Plus, you'll be lugging your luggage up many-many flights of stairs through the chunnel halls, in and out, constantly. It's majorly exhausting and I might or might not have let a few bad words slip in front of the kids. PREPARE!
Visit Tripadvisor to see guest pictures and read reviews. Never go blindly into booking a place to stay. We live in the world of technology, don't torture yourself by not doing your homework. 
Oh, and since the temprature only gets a high of 75 most summer days there is no such thing as air conditioners in most hotels. Hotel Opera had one, thankfully. Be prepared to sleep with the windows open if the website doesn't state air conditioning as an amenity, which might help you to select a location that might not be so loud. We made this mistake in London and I got zero sleep.
Lastly, they don't have "American" coffee, per say. The hotels have a kettle that heats up on a hot plate and you get small packets of coffee that you put into your cup and pour the hot water over and mix. Not filtered coffee machine, anywhere. Ice is a luxury as well. Small details, but important ones.

Okay, for now I think that gives you some good tips on booking a room and getting around. Book well. =)

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